We strive to provide a warm and fun environment where children are welcome and feel excited and engaged at the Kehillah.
We incorporate traditional Sephardic tefillah during our Shabbat programming to connect our youth to our customs and traditions.


Once a week SCFL offers an exciting program for the youth. 

Last year, we have learned how to build an airplane and how to read Pirke Avot. 

We are looking forward to continue on and expand the program.


Our Shabbat Programs were set up

 in order to allow children to come to the congregation 

and have a fun Shabbat experience.

Boys and girls ages 2 to 6 meet downstairs in the Ozir Social Hall room from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm. Their schedule includes:

Free play
An interactive Tefilah with singing, dancing and acting
A mini Seudah with Kiddush and snacks
Weekly Prizes for everyone!!
Fun Parasha Games & Trivia

Everyone is welcome, just stop on by and bring a friend! We promise you’ll have fun!